5 things to think about when designing your new home

5 tips

When designing your dream home it's easy to get caught up in the exciting stuff and miss some of the details that make a difference. We've compiled a list of some of the key things that we hear from clients and friends again and again to ensure you have everything covered.

1. Power points

It's much easier to put extra power points in whilst you are building than after. As a general rule of thumb, add more than you think you will need and you won't regret it. Remember outside power for the garden and decking, inside the laundry, inside cupboards and of course the pantry.

2. Lighting

The same thinking applies for lighting. Don't just think about overhead lighting, but inside cupboards, outside the house, in the garden, junction boxes at the front of the house for sensor lights... Consider adding dimmers to downlights for a choice of softer ambient lighting. Add a two way light switch for lights in hallways/rooms with more than one entry. And choose your light fittings before locking in your electrical plan - don't create unnecessary stress for yourself by waiting too long to find lights that work.

3. Storage

This is crucial whilst in the planning stage. You will never regret adding plenty of storage space, but you will regret it if you don't. Unless you plan to outsource all your cleaning (we can but dream!) don't forget somewhere for the vacuum cleaner, tall brushes, an ironing board and linen. Outside plan storage or at least a screened area for your wheelie bins.

4. Taps

Two great tips here - plan for a water tap in the fridge space so that if you fit a fridge with a cold water tap now or in the future you don't need to add a water supply. And if you have a balcony on the second level, install a tap out there for easy cleaning.

5. Air flow

Consider cross breezes when planning your window positioning. And when reviewing your site plan, make sure you are happy that any windows noted as fixed glass will remain permanently closed. Now is the time to make changes. You can close an open window, but you can't open a fixed window.

And when your project is complete, be sure to ask your builder for the warranties, serial numbers and instruction manuals for everything installed in the house. You will need them long after the builder has gone.

And if you are still in the process of choosing your builder, check out our 10 tips to choose a better builder.

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