10 tradie taglines to make you smile

10 tradie taglines

Company taglines are generally designed to make you feel good, give a sense of trustworthiness, credibility, or in some cases to give you a clue what a company actually does if the name is cryptic.

But when it comes to construction, it comes as no surprise that builders and tradies like to show their sense of humour.

Here's a handful of our favourites. Okay, they don't necessarily instil confidence in the company - in fact some do the exact opposite. But we are sure there will be one or two in the list that will make you smile (and perhaps sigh with relief that they aren't working on your project!)

1. No loose screws here!

2. We'll nail your next project. Because nobody wants a screw up...

3. With our projects we don't goof. Whether it's your windows, doors, siding or roof.

4. The rest put the con in contractor.

5. Helping you and your house become better acquainted.

6. Phone E.T. for your home.

7. We dig what you're sayin'

8. On these beams we're building dreams

9. Illusion for less (?!)

And read this one as you like:

10. We'll nail anything...

If you've seen any other gems that we can add to our list to keep us smiling on rainy days, please share on our Facebook page.

And if you are looking for a building company you can trust, minus the cheesy tagline, get in touch.


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