Time to upgrade your home?

New tax year, new renovation plans?

With 'hybrid working' the new norm for many people - part home, part office, or perhaps even wholly remote - Australians are spending more time than ever in their homes.

Things that never bothered us before have become major niggles - the dysfunctional kitchen, the crack in the ceiling, the garage that leaks when it rains...

The upside of the uncertain times we are living in? We're spending more time with our families. The downside? We're craving more space, more light, more functional living, and wondering how we can rearrange our homes to deliver it.

The good news is, it needn't be that hard to achieve!

Renovation INSPIRATION to deliver harmony in the family home

Firstly - declutter!

Okay - not a renovation idea - but definitely the first thing you should do. Look around - do you really need all that stuff? Do you love it? Or have you just not thought about it in a long time...? Perhaps it's time to let someone else enjoy it...


What rooms do you spend most time in? Where should you put your attention first? Are you renovating for your own long term benefit, or getting ready to capitalise on the rising property market by preparing to sell? If the latter, typically prioritising bathrooms and kitchens will deliver you the greatest return. If the focus is on long term, then start where you are most frustrated!

Open up

Do you have small spaces that would benefit from being consolidated by removing the odd wall? Can you add a skylight to bring in more natural light, which in turn gives a sense of space? Don't assume you are stuck with the designs you have - there are many ways to open things up for lighter, brighter living.

Add storage

While we can all benefit from decluttering, that doesn't mean no clutter. If you have kids, clutter is part of life. But perhaps you are suffering from a lack of quality, functional storage. Ikea is not the only solution to organising your life! Do you have cupboards that could be converted to ceiling high? Do you have nooks and crannies where shelves could live? Could you add benches under windows with hidden storage under seating? Could your kitchen bench be extended? You'll be surprised how much secret storage could change your life.

Add a room

There's lots of ways to add a room: extend your floor plan; convert a garage; add a story; divide a space; convert a corner or a basement... Even if you can't add a room, you might be able to add a study nook under the stairs. Better still, if you have a garden, you might even consider the ever-popular 'Granny Flat'.

Whatever you decide, don't stay frustrated! If you are not ready to renovate, even changing up a few cushions can help. But if you are ready to try something more radical, give Harmony Build a call - we are here to help.

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