Tile shopping for the time poor

Inspiration for white tiles

The moment has come - you are finally building your dream home. Congratulations!

In your mind, you select a few beautiful features with your architect and your project unfolds in front of your eyes exactly as you had imagined.

In reality, you are bombarded with choices to make every day - which light fittings, switch covers, door handles, floor coverings, window locks, taps, toilet designs, kitchen surfaces, skirting... The list goes on.

Which is why, when a company like Tile Cloud makes it not just easy, but enjoyable to shop for something as potentially mundane as tiles, we feel the need to give them a shout out and share the joy with you. No, we are not affiliated in any way. We are just delighted to see a company working hard to take away pain and bring joy to the shopping experience.

Shop the way you think, not the way the retailer has decided to categorise their stock... You can shop by colour, shape, room, material or pattern. Tile Cloud is only online, but the great news is, you can request 5 samples for $5 delivered anywhere in Australia. And when you are ready to shop, delivery is a flat rate of $70. Awesome!

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